Donation Station

We will be raising money for charity at the show by collecting certain things that people no longer want at our ‘Donation Station’.

We are collecting the following:

  • used inkjet cartridges
  • unwanted mobile phones
  • unwanted spectacles
  • unwanted CDs
  • unwanted DVDs

Refreshments  – “ChariTea” stand

Our highly popular ChariTea stand returns with scrumptious home-made cakes, Fair-trade tea and coffee, and soft drinks.

Profits will go to local charities Horsham Community Responders  and Holbrook Community Preschool – so you can munch guilt-free to support two great local causes!

Our Chosen Charities

This year we’re supporting two local charities: Horsham Community Responders and Holbrook Community Preschool.

Horsham Community Responders

Horsham Community Responders are volunteers who provide immediate care to those in their community who have fallen ill.  We are sent to emergency calls received by South East Coast Ambulance Service, and give life-saving care in the minutes up to when the ambulance arrives.

The main responsibilities are:

• To attend emergency calls in their area and aim for an 8 minute response. time.  CFR’s are not allowed to go faster than the normal speed limits when responding to calls.
• To provide appropriate treatment prior to the ambulance arriving.
• To document, record and inform the NHS ambulance crew of the patient’s condition and any treatment given.
• To assist the NHS ambulance crew as instructed.
• To stay with the patient until the NHS ambulance crew have arrived and are happy for them to leave the scene.

Holbrook Community Preschool

Holbrook Community Preschool was established in 1983 with the aim of enhancing the development and education of children under statutory school age in a parent-involving and community-based group in the Holbrook area of Horsham. We have been providing high quality Pre-school education for 30 years. We have just been awarded the “Outstanding” early years provision by Ofsted for the second time.

As a registered charity we are not for profit, we simply look to break even. Unfortunately, with increased restrictions on the charges we can request from parents and massive fundraising challenges we have a very tight budget which has to be strictly controlled. We are therefore very grateful for any donations we receive.

As a group we do use a lot of recycled materials for our activities in particular for our craft activities.  So we often ask parents to bring in their empty boxes/cartons, left over material from any sewing projects, wool, newspapers etc. Also rather than buying new toys we are often given toys from parents of children who have left the pre-school to go on to school, that their children have grown out of or just don’t use. This helps us to save funds, and it also helps the environment by reducing waste.